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  extramammary paget disease (empd) is characterized by a chronic eczema-like rash of the skin around the genital regions of males and females. Under the microscope, this condition looks very similar to a condition that occurs on the breast called mammary paget disease. The primary difference between the two is the location of the rash. Extramammary paget disease of the skin is a rare intraepithelial cancer characterised by a chronic eczema-like rash around the axillae or anogenital regions of males and females. Under the microscope, extramammary paget disease looks very similar to the more common mammary paget disease that occurs on the breast. Extramammary pagets disease (empd) extramammary pagets disease (empd) is a rare intraepithelial adenocarcinoma (skin cancer) that can appear around the genitals, anus, perineum, groin or arm pit areas in women and men. In the rarest of rare cases it can appear elsewhere in the body. What is extramammary pagets disease (empd)? Extramammary paget disease is a rare cancer related to pagets disease of the breast, but found around the anus and genitals of both men and womenmost commonly on the vulva of postmenopausal women. This cancer is slow-growingsometimes it is present for 10 to 15 years before it becomes noticeable. Extramammary pagets disease (empd), is a rare and slow-growing malignancy which occurs within the epithelium and accounts for 6. The clinical presentation of this disease is similar to the characteristics of mammary pagets disease (mpd). However, unlike mpd, which occurs in large lactiferous ducts and then extends into the epidermis, empd originates in glandular regions rich in apocrinesecretions outside the mammary glands.

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